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 The No Sound Check Podcast is about the touring, and production industry with a “beers after the gig” kind of tone. We talk about the good ol’ days, lessons learned, ridiculous stories, and whatever else we think is fun.

Check it out. You might learn something, or at least have a good laugh.

Hosted by Matt Lodder and Steve “Pooch” Puchalski

#5 – Drug Abuse, Post Tour Depression, and Whip Making with Ace Piva

Pooch, Matt, and co-founder of Over The Bridge Ace Piva talk about addiction, depression, and drugs in the music industry. We talk about, Post tour / post show depression, Friendships and relationships on and off the road, Post Performance Mood Response Studies, and more. Pooch and Matt also discuss some other stuff... Talk to [...]

No Sound Check #4 – Talk to a Punter – Matt’s Father, Michael Lodder

In our first episode of "Talk to a Punter" Matt and his Dad Michael talk about their perspectives of the live touring industry and reminisce on past experiences. They also offer some support to parents of potential new "roadies". Show Notes: Contact Michael at Credits: Hosts Matt Lodder - Steve "Pooch" Puchalski" Guests Michael [...]

#3 – Being a Dad and a Lighting Guy – Dara Guiney

This week we talk with Dara Guiney. He's one of the best, and funniest lighting guys on the planet. Show Notes: Instagram: @daraguiney Credits: Hosts Matt Lodder - Steve "Pooch" Puchalski Guests Dara Guiney Julia Westelaken Music Intro and Outro music by StudioCat - Episode Sponsors Soundbox Productions

#2- Filling the Frame and Fitting In with Tom MacLeod

Tom Macleod talks to us about being a touring filmmaker. Show Notes: Murder of Couriers Three Inches of Blood - Warriors of the Great White North Credits: Hosts Matt Lodder - Steve "Pooch" Puchalski - insta @poochtown1975 Guests Tom Macleod - Music Intro and Outro music by StudioCat - Episode Sponsors Soundbox Productions

#1 – Polyamory, Police, and Prostitutes with Ryan Gullen

It's here! Episode 1! Thanks for listening! In our first episode we introduce ourselves and the new podcast, then have a great talk with The Sheepdogs' bassist Ryan Gullen. As per the title of the podcast we talk about some interesting stuff. Check out The Sheepdogs new album Changing Colours available Feb 2 2018 Show Notes: [...]